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Pawsitive Petsitting offers mature, reliable pet sitting services in all areas of Edmonton.  Contact us for a complimentary meet and greet with you and your pet(s) so we can discuss your pets' individual needs.

  • Cats

  • Dogs

  • Bunnies and Small pets


From $25/per visit ($45 for 2 visits/day) each visit includes feeding, water change, playtime and cuddles.  Cat and small animal visits also include litter (or bedding) change​.  Dog visits include a short walk or supervised outdoor time in a designated area. 

We can also offer overnight stays in your home.  This is done on consultation only.

Visits can also include plant watering, mail collection, or other light house sitting activities.

Sorry, but we are not qualified, nor comfortable, caring for snakes; other reptiles upon consultation.

We will work with you to reinforce your training program.  We have experience with administering medications and can work with senior pets or those with behaviorial issues.
We focus on positive reinforcement. 

"Pawsitive Petsitting clearly has a lot of experience with animals, and I instantly trusted her with my pets, particularly my new puppy who is still working on housetraining. Our sitter is prompt and professional, and I'll definitely hire her again!" - Amanda parent of Bananas, Chipper, and Noodle  (Snoodle Puppy, Labradoodle, and a Sphynx cat)

We understand how cats communicate - they speak with their tails, ears, and subtle facial expressions and a great record of making friends with scaredy cats or shy guys.  

A recent client, Keeto (a siamese cross), met our sitter with growls and hissing; his owner told the sitter he is afraid of everyone. After the first visit he came out slowly and she was able pet him. We were pleased to send his owner photos of him enjoying a good scratch.   

"​Pawsitive Petsitting was a great care taker of my two senior cats and highly recommend her.  Thanks again." Glen, owner of Keeto and Hannah
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Rabbits & Small Animals

We are happy to check in on smaller pets.  Visits include feeding, cleaning cages, and providing playtime. Let's talk to find out your pets' favourite things.

"Pawsitive Petsitting took great care of our many pets!",  Kimberly parent of 2 bunnies, 2 cats, a dog and a chameleon.

"The sitters with Pawsitive Petsitting is so friendly and accommodating, she was so easy to talk to and stay in contact with. Plus, both my creatures loved her - even my parrotlet who is sometimes particular over who she likes. I enjoyed getting regular updates and pictures of them while I was away, and it was awesome knowing thy were comfortable at home instead of at a kennel. I would recommend Pawsitive Petsitting in a heartbeat."   Kalie pet parent.

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